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Aliens In A Bebop Planet 2 CD Set JM-004

Image of Aliens In A Bebop Planet 2 CD Set  JM-004


JMood Records™ is pleased to announce the release of “Aliens In A Bebop Planet” from international recording artist Roberto Magris from Trieste, Italy.

“Roberto Magris Space Trek-Aliens In A Bebop Planet” is a beautiful jazz portrait in which Roberto Magris plays a musical alien that has landed on a musical planet and excitedly stumbles across a past jazz era full of rich bebop classics. He meticulously gathers some of the best jazz compositions from this space trek and brings them home to investigate, study, then, uses them to become a better jazz musician. So, like an alien that has landed on a bebop planet, Roberto has since been studying in real earnest to recover lost musical treasures, then, extracts the essence of a people and legends of an era gone by, but, not forgotten. That is not without making his musical contributions through new and fresh compositions from this exciting space trek.”

The result is a jazz masterpiece!

Included in the double CD set are (13) newly inspired compositions and (5) revisited standard treasures, in addition to JMood Records™ signature “Audio Notebook” featuring “PJ”.

This project was recorded in “High Definition” audio, so, the listener will enjoy the full sound of their music theatre at home, in car unit, mobile or electronic device.