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An Evening With Herb Geller & The Roberto Magris Trio

Image of An Evening With Herb Geller & The Roberto Magris Trio


This tribute is just a snapshot in the life and time of the West coast jazz icon Herb Geller. When news of the loss of Herb Geller reached Roberto Magris and I, it was an emotional time. Not only was Herb Geller a gifted musician, he was a trusted friend and musical advisor for several of our musical projects. This musical portrait captures (2) of many "live" performances and concerts performed by the tandem Geller/Magris combo. Over the past few years, Roberto and I wanted very much to get Herb back to the USA for a jazz recording. However, with his health failing, we felt it was wiser not to tax him with such a long flight from Germany to Kansas City, record and perform then head back to Germany. So, a dream recording was never realized, although Herb determinedly wanted to come! It proved to be one of the best decisions we made because Herb Geller was in and out of the hospital off and on afterward. However, on his good days, he and Roberto were out and about playing music together as usual. They were unstoppable!
That said, these tracks capture some of the "best" of the later years and is the last "live" recording of Herb Geller. On these recordings, nothing has been compromised. It is left totally in tact as Roberto fondly remembers. My usual audio notebook has been left off intentionally for this "special" project and only minor audio and technical adjustments have been made by legendary mastering engineer Aldo Borrelli from Milan, Italy. Herb Geller is in top form physically, technically and musically. Roberto Magris and the trio-Europe consisting of Nikola Matosic, acoustic bass and Enzo Carpentieri, drums are stellar!
We are pleased to share this 2009 recording year with you and hope you enjoy the music as much as we did in preparing these stellar "live" takes!

To my friend, first and foremost and musical genius, Roberto Magris, whose steady hand and mind proved invaluable as we adhered to the original musical format. I am truly grateful!

Finally, but, certainly not the end, because, his music and musical influence has connected us to other legends and the tradition and will be with us for years to come! To our forever friend and mentor, Herb Geller.

Paul Collins, JMood Records