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Image of Enigmatix


This is Paul Collins with JMood Records,
You are listening to “Enigmatix” a “brand new” audio recording from the Roberto Magris Trio-USA Team! As I have mentioned in some of my previous notebooks, Monet is one of my favorite impressionists. This does not mean I fail to admire and appreciate the other masters of art. I just marvel at some of Monet’s’ works that capture some of the same scenes at different times, in different seasons, different days and sometimes different years!
Enigmatix captures the global effects of music as it is seen now and in this new century. Roberto and I have not, until now, expressed this global effect in our music as a whole or in part and in this particular jazz genre.
We are privileged and admire the great body of work by artists with very little formal music education (these folks are truly amazing...!) and those with vast amounts of it! Most all of it, in many ways has found a place in my home, in our hearts and minds and across genre possibly for years to come.
We have highly skilled and talented musicians with real jazz experience and knowledge making music which, in turn, brings to pop/contemporary music more and more elements that come from jazz, such as jazz harmony, chords progressions, substitutions and jazz improvisation.
We also observe that “straight jazz” music is evolving more and more and looking into a wider musical frame that includes rhythm, influences from rap/urban beats, pop/rock and world music.

This music scene unifies this vast body of global music by some common threads that we can see.

For example:
In the rhythm: the use of either rock/pop beats, urban beats and loops, jazz grooves whether straight or swing is possible within the same rhythmic frame that very easily moves from one color to the other.
Second, In the harmony: the use of chords progressions or modal scales that come from jazz is quite evident
Third, In the melody: there is the use of “themes” besides, the use of songs, which also demonstrates a knowledge of the jazz riffs.

With some young upcoming and very talented musicians of the new generation assembled for this recording, we have driven ourselves and our music through this grid with a new sound and concept of music for the 20th century. This does not mean we have have left straight-ahead jazz or the music and fans that got us here. They would have to carry us away in a wooden box for that to happen!We still have plenty to say from the jazz tradition. We are also aware that we have lost the development of music in combination with the developments of our society.

For example, the music of the sixties was John Coltrane, free jazz, Jimi Hendrix and the Woodstock music, then we had the seventies, eighties, punk, disco music (still have some extended version LP’s in my library), so on and so forth. Since we have entered the new millennium, we have the impression that we do not have a music which represents our society and our globalized world, but we see that young and some not so young musicians are working on that. Many time doing this Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga! Some trends and some clues of this music seem to then and again, but the result is still “enigmatic”…..

That brings us to the title of this project“Enigmatix”. In this music you will find nothing new nor revolutionary, but, you will find a path (musical and emotional), for a kind of “global” approach to music. Jazz music, if you will.
Like those Monet paintings I love dearly, we are making music for and from what we feel and see out of our front and rear windows and at different times of the day, season and thru the years. It is my wish you listen find your favorite tracks and enjoy this beautiful lily pad we have created for you!

Musically your,
Paul Collins
Enjoy listening!

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