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MatchPoint-WAV format

Image of MatchPoint-WAV format


“In order to get to match point and move to the next level, everyone needs to be on the same page, says Paul Collins of JMood Records. Everybody needs to bring their “A” game, artist, musician, engineer, and equipment. You also need a supporting cast of professionals to win at anything. Although, we are not in competition with anyone but ourselves, you can never rest on your laurels or take anything for granted. With this project, we had good material, great musicians and a great recording situation at the Criteria/Hit Factory in Miami, Florida. As a result, we have a great product that our international jazz fans can take to the next level by listening, enjoying, and commenting about our work.
Roberto composed (4) of the (8) tracks on the CD. The Insider, Samba for Jade, The Magic Blues, and the title track MatchPoint. The other (4) are nice renditions by Richard Kermode, McCoy Tyner, Thelonious Monk, and one of Roberto’s favorite artist Randy Weston. A total of over 75 minutes of musical bliss. The next serve is on you!”