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Morgan Rewind: A Tribute to Lee Morgan Volume 2

Image of Morgan Rewind: A Tribute to Lee Morgan Volume 2


JMood Records has created the perfect intersection of art and audio technology. It is blazing a new trail in the music industry by blending these two distinct passions! This project is no different. Over 4 years in the making, “Morgan Rewind… Volume 2” is a definitive work of visionary producer Paul Collins and the intrinsic musical sensibilities of international recording artist Roberto Magris. It covers a prolific period in Lee Morgan’s musical career from 1963-1968. During that time, his music was heavily influenced by African rhythmic patterns and titles. Roberto and crew have re-created those rhythms, melodic textures and contrasts. It has become a sort of signature sound for Lee Morgan and a standard approach for JMood Records. “Roberto used a different approach, frontline and a lot of creative freedom on this one! The music jumped off the board in the studio, says jazz impresario Paul Collins. Each artist latched on musically to the rewind and review of Lee Morgan’s compositions with compelling arrangements by Roberto Magris. It has taken over 4 years to finish this project and bring it to market, but, to me, it was worth the wait!”

This project has been recorded in “High Definition Audio” for exceptional use in high end home theatre, car stereo, MP3 player or your favorite mobile devices.”