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Need To Bring Out Love

Image of Need To Bring Out Love


“Need to Bring Out Love” covers another important facet in human nature and an important part of life which is the need for love and peace!
Let’s focus on just one of these qualities. Take for example love…it’s easy to spell, easy to say, but difficult at times to show.

Edwin H Land an entrepreneur, physicist, scientist and inventor of the 20th century, invented instant picture taking.

One day, while taking a picture of his 3-year-old daughter, she simply asked” where is the picture?”

Perplexed but not powerless, Land began endless research and experiments until a solution to what had never happened before was found.

Instant photography! His cameras and film were soon an instant success!

We have come a long way since then with digital cameras, cameras on phones and cameras on computers.

But, one thing remains the same…pictures are still worth a thousand words!

The picture on this CD cover, is from "Clava Cairns located in Scotland.

“Clava Cairns” has a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere all its own. .Clava Cairns is known for its standing stones in beautiful ring settings.

A thorough survey of the vertical remains recently discovered, shows an unnoticed connection between the color and texture of the building materials and the architecture of the monuments.

Like that beautiful setting, this music along with its cover art, encourages us to find peace, beauty and love in all the things we see, hear and feel.

In other words, to bring out the love in us! We “Need to Bring out Love.”

So, when faced with powerful perplexing problems or situations in life, find ways to show more love.

Find ways to show more love for people, places and things in life.

Now, sit back and enjoy the music!

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