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Roberto Magris Duo & Trio featuring Mark Colby-Physical CD


“I enjoy a good wine, says Paul Collins of JMood Records. Whenever I have a chance to attend a wine tasting, I look forward to the sommelier explaining various aspects of the wine. Things such as, the grape, the region, the vineyard and owners, the aging process, hints added, what to pair it with and lastly, tasting the product.
With our new product, we have captured several textures and complexities of the jazz legacy and preserved them in time. Packaged as a duo, trio product, gives this project a quality jazz lovers will enjoy consuming.
Several tracks have hints of a beautiful region, compositions, and several reference points in time for the JMood Record label. We have included remnants of our recorded musical tribute (RMT™) series; “One Night In With Hope and More” blended, and paired with vintage tracks from our friend and consummate saxophonist Mark Colby, and prepared by our jazz sommelier Roberto Magris, that make for gold points with this offering.
With the on slot of Covid-19 ravaging over the past few years, combined with the loss of Mark during this period, we were not able to get back in the studio to put the finishing touches on our planned duo project with Mark. However, like a consummate sommelier, Roberto Magris knew exactly how to pair this new music offering with quality ingredients we are known for around the world.
Special thanks to our talented musicians on this project and their contributions over the years. In dedication to the life and music of Mark Colby, enjoy the musical history we present. Cheers!”